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Small Torso Sex Doll Sophie


Meet Sophie, the Small Torso Sex Doll designed for those who crave pleasure on the go.

MaterialSilicone; Metal Skeleton;
Breast line66cm
Under breast42cm
Vagina tunnel13cm
Anal tunnel/
Net weight8.3kg

Unleash Sensuality Anywhere, Anytime

Meet Sophie, the Small Torso Sex Doll designed for those who crave pleasure on the go. Weighing in at a mere 8kg, Sophie is incredibly lightweight and effortlessly portable, ensuring you can experience bliss wherever your desires take you. Crafted from premium silicone, Sophie’s body is not only exquisitely lifelike but also easy to clean and maintain. Discreet and compact, Sophie invites you to embark on a journey of unbridled passion without constraints.

Soft, Squishy, and Irresistibly Cute

Sophie may be small in size, but she’s big on sensuality. Her gel breast, soft and squishy to the touch, offers a playful and delightful experience that’s both comforting and arousing. The attention to detail in Sophie’s design ensures that every caress and embrace feels natural and exhilarating. With Sophie, you’ll discover a level of intimacy that transcends size, immersing yourself in a world of pure pleasure.

Tailored to Your Desires

Despite its compact form, Sophie doesn’t compromise on satisfaction. Featuring a penetrable tunnel, Sophie invites you to explore a world of ecstasy at your own pace. This meticulously crafted tunnel is designed to provide intense pleasure and stimulation, ensuring that every encounter with Sophie is a unique and unforgettable experience. Allow Sophie to become your trusted confidante in the pursuit of pleasure, a companion that adapts to your desires with grace and precision.


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