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torso sex doll
Sigafun Torso Sex Doll Belle



Sigafun Torso Sex Doll Belle


Experience a new level of intimacy with the Sigafun Torso Sex Doll Belle.


MaterialSilicone; Metal Skeleton;
Shoulder width22.5cm
Breast line76cm
Under breast52cm
Vagina tunnel18cm
Anal tunnel13cm
Net weight19.5kg

Sigafun Torso Sex Doll Belle: Elevate Your Intimacy

Experience a new level of intimacy with the Sigafun Torso Sex Doll Belle.The unique, squishy gel breasts provide an added dimension of sensation, creating a special touch that enhances your moments of pleasure.

Customized to Fulfill Your Desires

Belle is more than just a doll; she’s a tailored experience. With a selection of customizable features, you have the power to create your dream companion. Choose from various skin tones, hair colors, and even nail designs to suit your unique preferences. The Sigafun Torso Sex Doll Belle adapts to your desires, providing a truly personalized connection that will leave you breathless.

Discreet, Convenient, and Easy to Maintain

Designed with your convenience in mind, Belle is compact and easy to store, making her the perfect discreet companion. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze thanks to the durable, easy-to-care-for silicone material. Belle is a durable investment in your intimate well-being, ensuring countless moments of pleasure and connection for years to come. Elevate your intimacy today with the Sigafun Torso Sex Doll Belle, where fantasy meets reality.


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