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Life Size Sex Doll Torso
Life Size Sex Doll Torso Monica



Life Size Sex Doll Torso Monica


Meet Monica, the Life Size Sex Doll Torso that sets a new standard in lifelike intimacy.


MaterialSilicone; Metal Skeleton;
Breast line83.5cm
Under breast62cm
Thigh circumference59cm
Vagina tunnel18cm
Anal tunnel13cm
Net weight23.5kg

Elevate Your Intimate Encounters

Meet Monica, the Life Size Silicone Sex Doll Torso that sets a new standard in lifelike intimacy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Monica’s features mirror the allure of a real woman, inviting you into a world of unrivaled pleasure. With a versatile M16 connector at the neck, Monica seamlessly pairs with a variety of doll heads, allowing you to create a companion that perfectly matches your desires. Experience the next level of authenticity with Monica, where every encounter is a journey into a realm of true sensuality.

Bounce, Softness, and Realism Unleashed

Monica’s gel-filled breast and buttocks provide a tactile experience that’s both mesmerizing and genuine. With a natural bounce and a luxurious softness, these features emulate the movements and feel of a real woman’s body. The level of detail in Monica’s design speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and dedication to providing an unparalleled sensory experience. Prepare to explore a world of pleasure that knows no bounds with this exceptional silicone torso.

Unleashing Passionate Possibilities

Monica’s 27cm leg opens up a world of adventurous possibilities, including the tantalizing doggy style and a range of other enticing positions. Additionally, she offers not one, but two penetrable tunnels for your pleasure, each with five distinct customization choices. This unparalleled level of personalization ensures that every encounter with Monica is a unique and unforgettable journey into ecstasy. With Monica, you’re not just acquiring a silicone torso; you’re embracing a world of limitless pleasure that adapts to your desires with grace and precision.


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