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We believe everyone deserves something fun and easy to understand to try. Our mission is to inspire millions of people to experience the different sensations that come with having a sex doll torso.


design and craftsmanship


and fun workout experience
for every player


first and always


We’re not your typical B2B enterprise; we’re a unique BRAND of the legendary IRONTECH DOLL, a trailblazer in the world of… you guessed it, sex and love doll companions!


We’re not just about silicone and experimentation; we’re all about redefining the game. We’ve taken sex dolls to a whole new level, blending artistry, realism, and a dash of personalization to create something truly extraordinary.


What sets us apart? Craftsmanship like you’ve never seen before! While others might be cutting corners, we’re raising the bar, crafting doll torsos and dildos that offer an unparalleled experience of intimacy and fun.


We’re not just any manufacturer; we’re the pioneers, the leaders, the trailblazers. We’ve shattered the mold of conventional standards with our exceptional quality, and we’re not looking back! Our commitment to craftsmanship, customization, and customer satisfaction is what makes us stand out. We’ve got the expertise, the passion, and the know-how to make your wildest dreams come true. From the silky-smooth skin to the intricate details in every feature and body proportion, our torso and sex toys are a true testament to our dedication to excellence. If you’re ready for a sexual adventure that combines playful innovation, artistry, and passion like never before, look no further than Sigafun – where the fun never stops!


At Sigafun, we’re all about staying ahead of the curve. After years of careful observation, we’ve noticed a rising trend: torsos have become the top choice for those seeking exquisite, portable, and budget-friendly pleasure. This insight fueled the birth of Sigafun, where we combine cutting-edge sculpture technology, masterful mold production techniques, and a deep commitment to putting you, the customer, first.


Our team is dedicated to providing you with a high-quality, enjoyable experience ensuring that you get precisely what you desire. We believe that innovation can be both informative and fun, and we’re here to prove it. So, if you’re ready to explore the world of pleasure with sophistication and a dash of excitement, Sigafun is your destination. Welcome to a new era of pleasure products designed with you in mind.

Expert team and services for your diverse procurement and customization needs.

Our expertise lies in OEM/ODM projects with experienced designers and engineers in the sex toy industry. Simply share a 3D file and we’ll bring your new product to life.

Each season, we promptly unveil fresh designs to our partners. Select your preferred colors, incorporate your logo, and utilize our custom packaging to curate your own branded collection.

At our Sigafun, we seamlessly integrate all stages of sex toy production from silicone manufacturing to assembly, inspection, and packaging. This holistic approach allows us to provide our customers with professional and efficient services, guaranteeing on-time delivery with every order.

To ensure swift product support, our warehouse is well-stocked with a wide range of items. Upon placing an order, we promptly offer corresponding pictures (and videos if requested) for your website, further enhancing your experience with our services.

Become a global regional agent and unlock a host of exclusive benefits! Enjoy preferential pricing, extended quality guarantees, faster transportation times, access to advertising materials, personalized packaging options, and other advantageous policy support. Partner with us and propel your business towards success!

Our engineers are dedicated to creating innovative designs and crafting functional prototypes all of which are tested in-house ensuring the very best quality. We also conduct trial production to thoroughly assess products before commencing mass production, guaranteeing the delivery of premium adult toy products that meet the highest standards for our valued customers.

Raw materials are strictly tested by our highly trained incoming quality control team to ensure product quality from the source 

Our sex toy products undergo a precise journey from research and development to mold creation where our dedicated team carefully create each sample. From the initial stages of conception to the final design, our research and development team ensures that every step is executed with precision and attention to detail resulting in perfect samples that meet our strict quality standards.

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