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As with anything in a relationship, it can be difficult to decide on something that will please both parties — especially when you’re trying to decide which sex toys you should use together in the bedroom.From vibrators to sex dice, from handcuffs to wedge pillows, there are a variety of tools at your disposal to enhance your and your partner’s enjoyment.But, with so many options, it can be hard to even know what’s best for you and your people.
Even if you’ve been with your partner for years, discussing and exploring sex toy use can bring you both physically and emotionally closer together.If you find that you experience pain during penetration (as a symptom of menopause or in general), toys are also a way to have fun without penetration, while still maintaining intimacy with your partner.Some couples find sex more enjoyable after menopause.
“Lifestyle transitions that often coincide with the postmenopausal period (eg, children spending more time away from home, greater financial stability leading to less overall stress) may also lead to more exploration in and out of the bedroom,” someone said.”Many of my clients discover sex toys in their 50s and 60s because they have more time to focus on their intimacy and more confidence in expressing their desires to their partners.”
If you’re ready to explore the use of toys with your partner but don’t know where to start, don’t worry.Here are some expert-approved sex toys for couples.
There’s nothing quite like an all-in-one kit, especially when it makes for a fun night out in bed.This set from Sigafun keeps you and your partner ready and protected.Also, all elements can be used individually, which only expands the possibilities.
Having to find a spot between yourself and your partner to hold the vibrator can be annoying, especially if you find your hands are in the way.This uniquely shaped toy from Dame uses two silicone arms to hold itself in place, gently hugging the labia, keeping the vibrator in place to stimulate the clitoris.Plus, the set comes with a vibrator and wedge pillow to help you reach new angles and positions with ease.
Some people only experience tingling after a certain point, which is why adding a buffer may be beneficial.These silicone rings are oriented towards the base of the penis to shorten the length available for penetration.You and your partner can use as few or as many rings as you want and adjust as needed.They’re made from an ultra-stretch silicone material, so they don’t cut off circulation or make the wearer uncomfortable.These can also be used in toys to shorten the penetration length.
If your partner has a penis, using something like the Arcwave can not only give them new sensations, but it can be great for those who experience pain from rubbing or squeezing sensations.”It helps you learn to enjoy something other than petting or moving in and out,” says Dr. O’Reilly.It is a cylindrical toy that wraps seamlessly around the penis, applying constant, even pressure.It can be rotated, used for stroking movements, or both for a strong feel.
Two is better than one, especially if you save some cash in the process.This bending vibrator from Unbound is slim enough to easily fit you and your partner during sex, and it’s long enough for your partner to support you based on your position.It comes with a tube of lube. You and your partner can shake it for fun, sexy tips to do together.
If you’re looking for a powerful toy that will last you a lifetime, this classic wand vibrator will come to your rescue.This one is a bit smaller than the original model, but it has a long handle so you can easily hold it and control the position of the silicone tip.The wide end sends vibrations to a larger surface area, making it a great option for foreplay or those who don’t like direct clitoral stimulation.
This is a toy that can be hidden from sight.Designed as a necklace, this bullet vibrator is an elegant and powerful accessory.Designed for external stimulation, this stylish metal vibrator delivers intense and targeted vibrations anywhere you or your partner want it.You can wear it out on date night while considering all the ways you can use it later to create a sense of anticipation for you and your partner.
Hands-free toys are great if you don’t want to be distracted by walking around or holding something while you and your partner are having sex. The forearm can be inserted into the vagina, holding the vibrating part over the clitoris and delivering the vibration to both areas.If your partner has a penis, they will also feel the vibration when they enter you.Think of it as double the fun.

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