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In Sigafun, all torsos have experienced multi-process before their ordered and shipped abroad. How was a torso created and designed? This article will describe details for you.

At first, we gather information about the style of torsos from another of our brands, Irontechdoll, which has accumulated a group of fans of sex dolls. Their designers and sculpture artists were familiar with clients’ needs and dedicated to sex doll modelling for many years. At the same time, the marketing team communicates with customers in masturbation torso and offers requests and feedback to the R&D department. Our designers absorb the responses and draw the final 3D image of our new torso.

Secondly, the task is handed over to sculpture artists. Our artists test the feasibility of the 3D drawing by producing the designed mould, checking whether its appearance consists of the expectation and if the function meets the acquirement. After the first check, the sculpture artists polish the mould themselves and patiently adjust it to the desired condition easy to demould. 

Then it’s the job of paint artists. The painter has much more to do than just coloring. They paint the torso as realistic as possible. The painter will draw body details and colours on the torsos, such as pores, moles, blood vessels, skin texture etc. These will bring a sense of visual enjoyment, and the options are up to you.  

After the preparatory work ends, the mould is possibly used in production. We produced the torso after the client placed an order because the material and shape will deteriorate with time.


Apart from traditional styles, we also pursue innovation. Sigafun launch new torsos once occasionally. We aim to become a trendsetter in the section and create a versatile product for different users.

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