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Some people consider torsos as a wooden dummy or a part of a full-size sex doll. We do not deny their traditional style, but there are more functions than you think regarding torsos. 

Some users prefer the appearance of a portable torso but dislike its monotonic function. For these customers, the good news is that our recent advances in torsos have added suction and body movement, which is more like a combination of masturbators and torsos, to make them operate better and more natural in feeling. Apart from the mechanical functions, the moaning system is also placed in critical parts to reform the past dull toy. 

We also upgrade skin details and soft breasts for those who pursue a natural body. We apply S-grade makeup in the new batch of items to show more striking characteristics. We choose the best pigments available to reduce the risk of allergies, and the torsos are lifelike. Sigafun offers extra options to fulfil your personal needs in areas that could fill gel, such as butt and breast. All our efforts are to create a more innovative, popular-with-customers torso.

Now you may wonder about the weight of the new torso. Will it be heavier than the old one and become a clumsy machine? Our designers also notice that question, and they typically design a small torso for portable sex toy lovers. This one is made from TPE, a soft and light material that is easy to carry, and we restrict the weight to 2 to 3 kilograms. The size is reduced accordingly to the original one and hardly see mould lines due to the mature demould technology. It might be a good option for those masturbators buyers interested in torsos and enjoying the masturbation function. 

Moving forward is our mission. Sigafun owns the ability of innovation and creation, hoping to satisfy your inner desire.

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