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Regarding sex toys, vibrators may come into mind. If you are a first-buyer trying to have a vibrator but confused with the various features. Don’t worry. Sigafun prepares guidance for beginners. Please browse this page, and hopefully, it will help you. 

The History of Vibrators

The electric vibrator was initially invented as a medical instrument in the 19th century. Patients use it to relieve pain and treat ailments; sometimes, it is used against the skin for wrinkles. After 20 years of development, people gradually became aware of its sexual function, and the word vibrator contained sexual connotations after 1920s.

There are five main sensitive zones where vibrators are designed to massage, including:

  1. Nipples
  2. Clitoris
  3. Vagina
  4. G-Spot
  5. Prostate

Different designs of vibrators stimulate different zones, with some being able to arouse two or three zones simultaneously. Today, as a sex toy applied to the body to produce sexual stimulation, vibrators were created as multiple features. In the next section, we will talk about the different styles of vibrators in Sigafun.

Forms of Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators: Like a pair of rabbit ears, a rabbit vibrator has two parts for simultaneous vibrations: more extended and short. The former penetrates the vagina and stimulates G-spot while the latter massage the clitoris. Some rabbit vibrators are designed as a “C” shape. It is the most popular 2-in-1 design nowadays.

Massage Wand: It is also known as a magic wand or AV wand. The appearance of a traditional Massage wand looks like a microphone. The “windscreen” part is the vibration head. Some people take it as a massage wand to release muscles after exercise.  Some massage wands are prostate stimulators for massaging prostate to orgasm.

Wearable Vibrator: The vibrators that can be worn usually look like a flat panel; some vendors describe them as butterfly vibrators. It has superiority in massaging the entire vagina. The wearable vibrators are hands-free, 

and people who enjoy outside playing are recommended.

Bullet Vibrators: To some, they are similar to lipsticks or bullets; to others, eggs. Bullet Vibrators are discreet sex toys with relatively lower speed, so it is arranged for beginners. It is portable and has a disguise exterior, while the lasting time is a problem for most of them are batteries replaceable.

Kegel Balls Vibrators: Vibration is applied to Kegel Balls to increase sexual function. Most of them are silicone-made, avoiding lacerations when penetrating and vibrating.

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