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Sex Doll Torso Brand Sigafun at Venus Berlin

From October 26th to 28th, 2023, Berlin, Germany, welcomed the Venus Berlin Adult Exhibition. This event stands as one of the most significant trade platforms in the adult entertainment industry, not only in Europe but globally. Sigafun feel honored to have been part of this grand exhibition.

This captivating event featured several adult product brands, renowned international adult toy manufacturers, and prominent industry influencers. The event showcased the diversity and playful nature of adult products through live presentations. It not only represented the pinnacle of the European adult entertainment industry but also served as a prestigious international platform for social and commercial exchange.

In this grand exhibition, our company presented three major brands: Irontech Doll, Sigafun, and Real Lady, offering the audience a feast for the eyes and the senses. Each day, we attracted many visitors, creating a continuous flow of people. Especially noteworthy were the many newly introduced sex doll torso products we displayed, which became the focal point of our booth, garnering significant attention from visitors and suppliers alike. At the exhibition, many users praised the intricate skin texture details of our products, noting their uncanny resemblance to real skin. Additionally, numerous media professionals highlighted Sigafun’s female torso sex doll products.

Interactive gaming became an indispensable element in creating a lively atmosphere at the 2023 VENUS exhibition in Berlin, Germany. We meticulously designed an exciting roulette game, providing visitors not only with the opportunity to experience our products but also surprising them with lucky draws. In this joyful atmosphere, one fortunate attendee won $100 in charity funds, which they generously donated to a dog shelter. This small act of kindness beautifully exemplifies the warm connection between humans and animals, adding greater significance to our exhibition. Other participants received prizes such as shipping discounts or half-body products.

The 2023 VENUS Adult Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, showcased an atmosphere of utmost freedom, openness, and inclusivity. Participants boldly expressed their unique and daring fashion styles, liberally releasing their inner selves.

Venus Berlin

This journey to the VENUS Adult Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, not only provided us with more opportunities but also infused our brand with fresh inspiration, solidifying our confidence in leading the physical doll industry towards broader markets. We firmly believe that the VENUS Adult Exhibition in Germany will continue to drive innovation and development in the adult entertainment industry, serving as a vital platform for industry communication and collaboration. It’s a vibrant, boundary-pushing social event that offers endless possibilities for people to explore and create within the world of sexuality and beauty.

Next time, let’s meet in Guangzhou and Las Vegas. We look forward to your visit.

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