Short Description:

Material: Silicone; Metal skeleton

Weight: 23.5kg

Height: 95cm

Upper chest: 83.5cm

Lower chest: 62cm

waist: 57cm

Hip: 103cm

Thigh: 59cm


Leg: 27cm

Warranty: 6 months

Certification: CE, RoHS

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Life size torso

If you're looking for a unique and realistic body painting experience, we've got you covered! We offer customized body painting services for individual preference, including skin color, nipples, vagina and anus, pores and veins. We even provide pubic hair customization, so you can get the exact look you want. 

The advantages of having a sex doll torso are numerous. Firstly, they provide a great way to enjoy sexual pleasure without the need for a partner. Many people find it difficult to find sexual partners or are too shy to explore their sexual desires, and a sex doll torso can offer a great way to explore and satisfy those desires. Additionally, these dolls are incredibly easy to use and maintain, and they don't require any special skills or knowledge. Lastly, sex doll torsos are incredibly realistic and provide a realistic experience for those who want to explore and enjoy sexual pleasure.

Silicone sex doll torso

Here's the gorgeous silicone torso, Monica! She has a flexible skeleton and super realistic body details. The ultra-soft squishy breasts and full butt are perfect for wearing sexy lingerie. You can search the penetrable tunnels in the private part, enjoying the unbelievably tightness and heavens feeling. Are you worried about the exposure of your secret sexy torso? Monica is designed as a light and portable adult toy that only weighs 23.5kg. The torso produced by the weight reduction technique consists of a metal skeleton, foam core and silicone shape. You can store it in a closet in case of noticing or put it in a travelling case.

Notice for use

A silicone sex torso is an important tool for those exploring their sexual desires, as it can allow for a safe and comfortable environment in which to do so. When used correctly, a silicone sex torso can provide a realistic experience for a user and can help to build confidence and provide a greater understanding of the body, as well as the anatomy of the sexual partner. Click to know more about the notice for use.

Are you Manufacturer or Trading Company?

Having over six years of experience, Sigafun is a professional manufacturer and trading company of sex toys.

What's your MOQ?

Usually, our MOQ doesn't have a limit for standard orders; sample orders and trial orders are ok. But the price varies on the order quantity. Bulk order with better price.

What's the leading time of products?

Normally 3~5 days for sample orders, 3~15 days for mass production orders.

Can I print my logo on products&packaging?

Yes, we support OEM and ODM that meet MOQ. We have a design team for OEM and ODM projects.

How do I pay for my order? What payment terms do you accept?

Please get in touch with us and email your order to

TT/Western Union/Alipay are available.

What's your warranty?

We always offer six months warranty for all of our products since delivery. Claims under warranty must be supported by reasonable evidence that the date of claim is within the warranty period. The warranty covers working parts that affect the function of the pleasure object.

What convenient and reliable shipment methods can you offer?

We can offer shipments by international express(DHL, UPS, FedEx, Aramax), air, and sea.

How about the packaging?

Your parcels will be packaged in plain boxes with a discreet label. All the toys will be packed and shipped with qualified protection.

How to be a business partner with Sigafun?

Please send an email to with your business status. We will then help you with the following partnership details and help you grow your business. Sigafun will keep customers and business partners on their top attention list.

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