Sigafun Kegel ball GM-OT-001 Kegel exerciser ball

Short Description:

Material: Silicone

One: 3.5*11.5cm

S: 15.5*2.8cm; L: 16*3.1cm

One: 37.5g

S: 56g; L: 63.2g

Total: 157.7

Package size: 7.5*5.5*13cm

Warranty: 6 months

Function: Physical vaginal contractions; Vaginal exercises

Certification: CE, RoHS

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Kegel exercise

Women often use kegel balls to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to avoid bladder leaks. Tighten your pelvic muscles after inserting kegel balls. Squeezes regularly to exercise your muscles. Repeat according to your plan. The suite contains three sizes of balls. You can choose the size for beginners or advancers. 


SG-GM-OT-001 (8)

Increasing sexual fun

Kegel ball, also known as orgasm ball, can be used as an erogenous sex toy. You can insert a kegel ball for solo play to stimulate G-spot or play it during foreplay.

The way to use

First, clean the balls with antibacterial soap and water and lube up the kegel balls. 

Then insert it into your vagina.

For your safety, please choose a suitable size and do not use it for a long time. 


For increasing sexual pleasure during solo play or with your partner during sex. 

Doing kegel exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Main Export Markets

Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Asia

SG-GM-OT-001 (1)

Notice for use

SG-GM-OT-001 (7)

Please clean the product with warm water or antibacterial series cleaning products before using it.

Use water lubricant before use.

Please wipe the product dry with a light, clean cloth or towel.

Please place the product in a cool, dry, and clean place.

Do not use organic detergents containing alcohol, gasoline or acetone to clean the product and keep it from direct sunlight.


◐ CE & RoHS certification

◐ Small Orders Accepted

◐ Prompt Delivery

◐ OEM & ODM Accepted

◐ Experienced Staff

◐ Discreet Packaging

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