• Sigafun Gel Breasts&Butt

    Sigafun Gel Breasts&Butt

    Customizing the softness of breasts and butt has become popular among sex torsos lovers. The gel-filled part makes a sex torso closer to a real body. This blog answers some most asked questions about the gel option. Can I customize the softness of gel breasts/butt? How ...
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  • Sigafun-Realistic Dildo

    Sigafun-Realistic Dildo

    Sex toys have become more inclusive over the years, and they're not just for single women anymore. Because of the rise of mainstream media, people are no longer afraid to talk about their sexual preferences. Instead, they're more open about discussing topics such as the ...
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  • The First Lifecasting Silicone Ass is coming soon

    The First Lifecasting Silicone Ass is coming soon

    Significant Breakthrough of Sigafun   Sigafun always dedicates to creating excellent sex torsos, ass and legs for users. Now we are making efforts to produce a lifecasting silicone ass. Our sculptor is refinishing the mould whose prototype is taken from real people. As y...
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  • Sigafun Sex doll torso options

    Sigafun Sex doll torso options

    Before placing an order, there is some product information you need to know. Sigafun Sex doll torso options are available for each torso we offer. The following passage includes all of the available body types we have, the most popular options, and what kinds of options ...
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  • The creation of a new torso

    The creation of a new torso

    In Sigafun, all torsos have experienced multi-process before their ordered and shipped abroad. How was a torso created and designed? This article will describe details for you. At first, we gather information about the style of torsos from another of our brands, Irontech...
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  • How to use an Automatic Sex Machine

    Sex machines are generally larger than traditional sex toys and are designed for sexual penetration and other sexual activities. Sometimes you can reach orgasm alone or with the help of some toys, a sex machine can do better by stimulating and massaging different parts o...
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  • Why do women need a clitoral stimulator?

    What is clitoral stimulator? The clitoris is an important component of sexual arousal. It has the most nerve endings in the human body, and some studies suggest it may be the only path to orgasm for people with the clitoris.   The clitoris has an outer part, but it is m...
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  • Everything You Need to Know About Butt Plugs

    Everything You Need to Know About Butt Plugs

    How anal plug works A vibrating butt plug is a relatively simple way to enhance sexual pleasure during masturbation and partner sex. You just plug the plug into the back end, turn on the vibration, and leave it there wherever you want. In people with a penis, the vibrati...
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  • The Guide to First-buyers: Sex Toys for Stimulating Penis

    The Guide to First-buyers: Sex Toys for Stimulating Penis

    Throughout history, humans invented plenty of sex toys to tease their penis. From vulva-like masturbators to restrain rings. There are always different kinds of weird toys to stimulate the penis. Let’s see what Sigafun prepare for this pleasure receiver. ...
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  • Sex pillow guide: How to use it?

    Sex pillow guide: How to use it?

    Why do we create sex pillows? Sex as a natural behaviour rooted in the human being itself keeps many relationships smooth. Having exciting and mind-blowing sex comes easy for some people, while for others, it comes difficult, and they need some help. Sex pillows help you...
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    SALÓN ERÓTICO BARCELONA hosted a regular event from 16th Jun to 19th Jun, promoting fellowship and communication. The new Product of Sigafun, silicone torso launched at SALÓN ERÓTICO BARCELONA. ...
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  • How to masturbate?

    How to masturbate?

    Regarding sex toys, vibrators may come into mind. If you are a first-buyer trying to have a vibrator but confused with the various features. Don’t worry. Sigafun prepares guidance for beginners. Please browse this page, and hopefully, it will help you.  ...
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