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Apart from the newest torsos, we arrange a series of sex toys for you to pursue diverse sexual experiences, including vibrators, clitoral stimulators, dildos, anal toys, BDSM suits, and masturbators, etc. No matter what sexuality you have or which style you prefer, you will discover the sex toys that meet your acquirements in Sigafun. From many years of experience, we realize that for customers, buying multiple products and shipping them home can be risky when shopping internationally. We focus on sexual fun and are committed to providing you with one-stop shopping.

Focus on vibrators, clitoral stimulators, dildos, anal toys, BDSM suits, and masturbators, etc. We provide wholesale sex toys and sex toys custom service. Customized brand logo sex toys, low MOQ, welcome to contact bestseller or customize your product OEM/ODM service, free samples, fast delivery, help customers to provide one-stop "sex toys". For design and production, please feel free to send us an inquiry/email, leave your message, add whatsapp number, or call us, you are very welcome!
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Sigafun is a new business to business(B2B) company born in Xinja biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 2015. As a sub-brand of a famous sex doll manufacturer, Sigafun has apparent edges in stepping into the sex toys area. The masturbation torsos that would become our strength product emerged in our sex dolls brand- lrontechdoll. Over the years of sales, we noticed that torso is a more adapted option for most customers who prefer exquisite, portable and affordable sex toys. Therefore, Sigafun was born, for we have advanced sculpture technology, sophisticated mould production kill, and precise-users-oriented service.

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We have a perfect foreign trade service team, Provide global customers with product development and update, sample display, advertising materials, quality certification, after-sales service and other franchise support to help franchise partners succeed.


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    Hong Kong International Culture and Adult Products Fair

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    Guangzhou Sex Culture, Adult Products, Health Products Exhibition

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    Japan Sex Culture, Adult Products Exhibition